23 december 2014

UN ECE R-124 Homologation

The 1000 Miglia homologated range

The European Union has designated the UN ECE R-124 as reported  safety homologation for the light aluminium wheels for passenger cars. The normative has been recognised above the single national homologations and structured for its high technical content as the most severe one today in force.
Currently it is adopted by the 28 Countries of the European Community and ratified by 48 extra Europeans Nations.
As foreseen by the homologation itself, all the confirmed 1000 Miglia Dedica wheels show well visible E marking and its relative number engraved.
We recognise, entering into the merit of the homologation ECE -124,it's technical value aimed to guarantee prefixed parameters of safety and high quality standards. The adoption and the enforcement of the norm foresee suitable investments
which guarantee reliability of product and it's image.
1000 Miglia Dedica conceptually structured like custom fit, is strengthened by this legislation because the user can keep the original bolts/nuts. Circulation papers will not require appendages nor whatsoever alteration.
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